Surface and Hand Sanitizer

Best in class denatured wheat-based natural ethanol hand and surface sanitizer. Direct from Canadian made factory.

  • Can deliver over 9 million 500ml (½ quart) bottles per month in your customized bottle
  • Odorless product due to purity.  2 on a scale of 10 where most competitors are 7-10 for undesirable scent. 
  • Grapefruit, lemon,  green apple scents, and more. All Natural and very little needed due to the purity of the ethanol used. 
  • Custom formulations are possible varying viscosity scent and percentage of ethanol content.
  • Can be delivered globally in container or tote quantities, and intra North / South America in tanker trucks. Totes or bottles of your choosing
  • Bottle Sizes: 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1l, 3l totes, 55-gallon drums, tanker trucks.

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Made With Care in Canada